What is clatuu?

What is CLATUU 360°?

CLATUU 360° FREEZE is the ultimate solution to reduce stubborn fat: it is the most technologically advanced system available today, allowing you to save time and money with each treatment.


CLATUU is able to do this because of its Dual Handpiece system and the world’s first patented 360° cooling applicators for faster and more effective fat reduction. Single handpiece devices can treat only one side at a time – CLATUU ensures that you don’t have to wait another 60 minutes to even out the other side!

You get visible, measurable and lasting results without the surgery. Stubborn fat reduction

CLATUU 360° FREEZE is a treatment that uses precisely controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that is resilient to exercise or diet.

CLATUU works by gently drawing fatty areas into the patented 360° applicators and cooling the area to a temperature that causes the destruction of the fat cells, while keeping normal cells intact. This brings about a gradual reduction in size of the fat layer of the target area. The built-in safety sensors maintain a constant target temperature that prevents unwanted side effects.

Unlike other cooling treatments, CLATUU has dual handpieces, so it can treat two sites at once, halving your treatment time, and saving you valuable time and money.

CLATUU 360° FREEZE gives you visible, measurable, long-lasting fat reduction without surgery.

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