Non Invasive Mesotherpay

What is non invasive mesotherapy?

Is a needless treatment to treat cellulite and resistant fat and is also used for anti-ageing therapies, including pigmentation, hydration, scarring and general rejuvenation.

Is it Safe?

It has FDA approval for safe transdermal delivery of drugs. At Skin Renewal, thousands of non invasive mesotherapy treatments have been administered to our patients with great results with no downtime or side effects.

What to expect after the treatment?

There is no downtime or pain associated with Non invasive mesotherapy. For facial rejuvenation, the results of the treatment are usually evident immediately post treatment as hyaluronic acid present in the rejuvenating solution attracts water into the skin/dermis for instant hydration. Epidermal changes are usually seen 10 days post treatment. The final results of each treatment are evident 2 to 3 months down the line when collagen production is completed. For best results 4 to 8 treatments are needed 2 weeks apart.

About Deluxe Beauty Lab

At Deluxe Beauty Lab, we have years of experience in this business and we have served many clients over the years to the extent of their utmost satisfaction. We know how important health and beauty is for a person. So our goal is to make you beautiful and healthy. 

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